American Drug and Alcohol Diagnostics, LLC, is a rapidly expanding company with a mission to create safer work environments -- and communities -- by providing drug and alcohol testing services. Our experienced associates have been extensively trained in test collection methodology and regulations. ADAD provides employer training for drug and alcohol abuse recognition,  and guidance to remediate drug and alcohol abuse problems at home, school or in the workplace.

All ADAD collectors are Federally qualified and trained in 49 CFR parts 40 & 382, ensuring DOT and PUC compliance.

Calling us won't put your busy day on hold. You will get an actual professional every time who knows the regulations.

ADAD is a group of consulting professionals who specialize in onsite and near site testing programs.


FACT: Drug users at a minimum consume almost twice the medical benefits as nonusers, are absent 1.5 times as often, and make more than twice as many Workers Compensation claims (SAMSHA).


FACT: Alcohol and other drug use costs American businesses an estimated $102 billion every year in lost productivity, accidents, employee turnover, and related problems (SAMSHA).


FACT: Employees with marijuana-positive urine samples had 55% more industrial accidents, 85% more injuries, and a 78% increase in absenteeism. People with cocaine-positive urine samples had a 145% increase in absenteeism and an 85% increase in injuries (JAMA).

ADAD...Helping to create safer work environments and communities.

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Unfortunately, drug and alcohol abuse is rampant in virtually every segment of our society. From prescription drugs such as oxycontin and codeine to illegal drugs such as methamphetamine, heroin and marijuana, people from all walks of life abuse drugs. White- and blue-collar workers, school-age kids and seemingly responsible adults are all potential targets for the addictive nature of controlled substances.